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Bank History

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In 1949 a group of progressive individuals saw a need for banking services for a community that had significant growth potential. The late Kenneth Pat Wilson, was the leader of that group and was instrumental in getting the bank established. Mr. Wilson became Chairman of the Board and was joined by his youngest son, Larry T. Wilson in 1971, who is now the Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of FAB&T. Mr. Larry Wilson's son, Mark Wilson, Vice President, joined the bank in 2001.

Since 1949, the bank, its Board of Directors, and its staff have been involved in the economic development of our community. In addition to organizing the bank, Kenneth Pat Wilson was very much a part of the effort that resulted in the location of Little Rock Air Force Base in our community in the early 1950's. He also played a big role in the establishment of Rebsamen Memorial Hospital (now North Metro Medical Center), served on the Board of Directors of the predecessor of CenturyTel for over 20 years and saw to it that our area received the excellent telephone service that it now enjoys.

Below is a summary of important dates and events in the history of the bank.

1949: The bank opened its doors on November 5, 1949, at 109 West Main Street in Jacksonville with three employees. Named Jacksonville State Bank, it was the first bank to open for business in the city of Jacksonville.

1956: We opened our Little Rock Air Force Base Branch in the original Base Exchange Building. The branch was later moved to Building 970.

1959: The Main Bank moved to its present location at 600 West Main, in the Jacksonville Shopping Center.

1964: The bank name was changed to First Jacksonville Bank.

1966: We opened our West Branch, located at 2519 West Main, to serve the Industrial Area of Jacksonville.

1972: The bank was granted Trust Powers and set up a Trust Department.

1974: All Bookkeeping and Data Processing Operations were moved to West Branch in a newly constructed building.

1977: The Main Bank building underwent a complete remodeling and added the first ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) in Jacksonville.

1978: First Jacksonville Mortgage Company opened and was located in Main Bank building.

1983: We opened our Gravel Ridge Branch located at the intersection of Highway 107 and Cato Road. This was the first branch of a state-chartered bank to be established in an unincorporated area under the new state banking laws.

1985: An 1800 square feet addition was added to the back of the West Branch to expand our Accounting, Data Processing and Customer Service Operations.

1986: First Arkansas Mortgage Company moved to new location at 112 North Bailey in Jacksonville.

1986: Our name was changed to First Jacksonville Bank and Trust.

1987: We opened our Base Exchange Branch, located inside BX, on Little Rock Air Force Base.

1989: We opened our North Branch, located at 501 Loop Road, in Jacksonville.

1991: We acquired the deposits of the Jacksonville branch of First Savings of Arkansas (formerly First Federal of Arkansas) and Jacksonville branch of Savers Savings Association.

1993: The Main Bank was heavily damaged by fire on May 9, 1993.

1994: We opened our doors to a new 44,000 square feet, three-story, Main Bank Building located on the same site at 600 West Main Street.

1994: We opened our Highway 5 Branch located at 3166 Highway 367 South (Intersection of Hwy. 5 and 367) in Cabot.

1997: We finished out the third floor of Main Bank building and relocated our Data Operations, Accounting and Customer Service functions to the Main Bank.

1998: We changed our names to FAB&T and First Arkansas Mortgage Company.

1999: We opened our Rockwood Branch at 105 South Rockwood Road, in Cabot.

2000: We opened our Jacksonville Wal-Mart SuperCenter Branch, located at 2000 John Harden Drive, Jacksonville.

2002: We opened our Highway 89 South Branch, located 111 Bill Foster Memorial Highway (Intersection of Highway 89, South and Highway 321), in Cabot, inside the Mad Jacks Exxon Convenience Store.

2004: We opened our McCain Wal-Mart SuperCenter Branch, located at 4450 East McCain Boulevard, in North Little Rock, Arkansas, inside the SuperCenter.

2004: We opened our El Paso Branch located at 3097 Highway 5 (Intersection of Highways 5 and 64), in El Paso, Arkansas, inside the Mad Jacks Exxon Convenience Store.

2006: We opened a banking center inside the Cabot Wal-Mart SuperCenter, located at 305 South Rockwood.

2006: We acquired First Team Bank, a financial institution consisting of 12 locations in Heber Springs (formerly The Cleburne County Bank), Greers Ferry, Concord, Damascus, Guy, Greenbrier, Center Ridge, Pangburn, Marshall and Quitman. This brought our total number of banking centers to 25.

2008: We opened a banking center inside the Sherwood Wal-Mart SuperCenter, located at 9053 Hwy. 107; as well as a banking center in Austin, Arkansas located at 1685 E. Main Street. These two locations brought our total number of banking centers to 27.

2008: We acquired the former Greers Ferry Lake State Bank, which allowed us to strengthen our presence in Heber Springs and the Greers Ferry Lake area, as well as adding Clinton to our market area. This acquisition brought our number of branches to 28.

2011: We opened our newest branch at the intersection of Wildwood Avenue and Country Club Blvd in Sherwood. This facility also serves as the main office for FAB&T Home Mortgage Solutions.

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